Thursday, January 23, 2014

Media Ethics Issues & Cases: Ch. 1

As chapter one was primarily an introductory chapter that comprised the broad topic of ethics, it was quite informative. I was most intrigued by the multitude of theories presented in the chapter. It makes sense that there are as many as there are due to varying perspectives concerning ethics as no two situations are ever alike, but I never realized the breadth of them. The book broke them down in a way that categorized the ethical, moral and principle means specific to each theory allowing for a deeper understanding of my own ethical principles. I appreciated the myth busting section engaging the idea that ultimately there are no right answers under the jurisdiction of ethics. Finally I was really intrigued by the case study of the picture shown at the end of the chapter. It brought about a different perspective concerning visual context in relation to ethics and the multi-angled prism of presented dilemmas.

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